Our Wild Year

North Lees 1 small

In November 2014 we went on a big adventure. We moved out of our comfortable rented bungalow and set out into the unknown with our two young kids, a bell tent and a woodburner. In many ways it was a big decision, but in all the ways that really matter it was a simple one. We knew there would be highs and lows; we knew we’d face questions – from ourselves and others – but most of all we knew it was something we needed to do, and we had to give it a go.

Our adventure was the culmination of many things: wanting to spend more time as a family; wanting to overcome challenges and experience life together; our yearning for adventure and wild places; frustration with working for others, and rising rental prices.

We blogged throughout our year, gaining a great following of lovely, supportive people who were there for us when we hit those lows. We gave some talks at festivals, sharing our tales of camping over the British winter with a single skin of canvas between our little family and the storms that raged outside. We even appeared in The Guardian!

We had some incredible adventures on our Wild Year, having the time to really explore some of Britain’s National Parks and AONBs by living within them throughout the seasons. We’ll be blogging more about some of our most exciting experiences, and we’re using our hard-won family camping/adventuring knowledge to inform our writing, including a new book on Family Adventures with the National Trust, out in the spring.


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